Integritetspolicy (PDF)

1. General
These general terms and conditions constitute an agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) between you, as a user (below)
referred to as the User) and Equisport Broadcasting AB (hereinafter referred to as Equisport) regarding the use of Equisport's
web TV services (hereinafter referred to as the Service) provided by Equisport from time to time.

2. Age limit
To enter into this Agreement, the User must be 18 years of age.

3. Registration
To access the content of the Service, Users must register and create a user account.
The User is responsible for the User providing correct information about himself and no one else
will be given access to the user's login information and password.

4. Price and payment
For current subscription forms and pricing information, see www.equisport.tv. All prices are quoted
including VAT. In addition to payment in accordance with this paragraph, the fee payable by the User to his operator is added, which is handled between the User and the operator outside the scope of this Agreement.
The user can pay via bank / payment / credit card (NOTE! Only the following cards are accepted: Swedish
debit card, Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard). Payment is made immediately upon purchase. At the time of purchase, receive
The user acknowledges the completed purchase. Each month a payment is made from the specified bank account.
/ payment / credit card, without the User receiving the acknowledgment thereof. The payment is of course on
User account statement. The subscription is continuous until termination is made by the User
page. The user should note that additional terms and the bank's fees apply to the use of
debit card, Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard. Information on the content of such terms is not provided
by Equisport. Bank and other payment institution stores information about the User in their computer system. This information will only be used by Equisport to administer the Service.
The User is responsible for ensuring that the account under this Agreement is charged a subscription fee
The due date contains sufficient funds to cover the subscription fee charged from time to time. The user is also responsible for keeping their card details up-to-date, through customer service at Equisport or via My Page in the Service where current subscriptions are available, so that these are valid
from time to time. In case of late payment, Equisport is entitled to charge the User interest on interest according to the Interest Act, statutory reminder fee and where applicable statutory collection fee. In the event that the User's chosen payment method ceases to function (eg the specified account number does not allow purchases), Equisport is entitled to invoice the User during the remainder of the Agreement period. Equisport also has the right to terminate the Agreement immediately.

5. Right of withdrawal
This Agreement is covered by the Distance Contracts Act. This means, among other things, that the User has the right to resign
The agreement (right of withdrawal) within 14 days from the date of the agreement (withdrawal period). To take advantage
cancellation deadline Users must contact Equisport's customer service before the cancellation deadline expires.
Note, however, that when the User activates the Service by starting to look at some content in
The Service agrees with the User that Equisport will begin the performance of the Service, even if the withdrawal period would not have expired. This means that the User has no right of withdrawal from the time the User started to use the Service, in accordance with the Distance Contracts Act 2005: 59 2, section 11, exceptions to the right of withdrawal for digital deliveries are made.

6. Intellectual property rights
Materials that the User gains access to on the Service are protected by Swedish and international
copyright. The User may only use the Service for personal use and may not dispose of the material on the Service in violation of copyright law, other applicable law or in
conflict with this Agreement. This means, among other things, that Users may not distribute or copy the material
at the Service, not make the material available to the public, use the material for commercial purposes
or let another person use the User's login credentials.

7. Technical conditions
To use the Service, a computer with special system requirements and an Internet connection is required
never less than a certain transfer rate. Equisport reserves the right to change the technical
the conditions for the Service from time to time. Further information on the technical
The conditions for using the Service can be found at www.equisport.tv under Support and
System requirements.

8. Equisport's liability for errors
Equisport is in no way responsible for eg. errors, damage or delay due to the User
error handling, faults in the user's equipment (such as failure to meet technical requirements)
conditions under item 7 above) or other equipment not belonging to Equisport. Equisport is responsible
nor for faults due to power outages, faults and delays of operators' networks or
delivery services or other errors and delays due to circumstances beyond Equisport's control
(hereinafter referred to as Error).
If the User can show that the Error in the Service is due to Equisport, the User is entitled to compensation
according to paragraph 9 below.
Equisport, its parent or subsidiary, board members, company management or responsible publisher
is not responsible in any case for indirect loss or damage.

9. Complaints and refunds
In the event of Failure covered by Equisport's liability as set out in paragraph 8 above, Equisport compensates the User by crediting the User. The user's right to credit assumes that the Error is material
importance to the User and that the User submits a written complaint to Equisport
customer service within 2 months of the failure. In the event of a complaint, the User must state certain
information such as e.g. which program means the complaint, the date and time of the Error, which operator the User has, the User's e-mail address or other information used as the login name, and a detailed account of the Error.

10. User Responsibility
The User may only use the Service for personal and private use. The Service and the content of the Service are protected by copyright and the User may not use the Service in violation of law. The User does not have the right to allow himself or herself to disseminate or copy all or part of the content of the Service, let others use the User's login information, circumvent or attempt to circumvent technical measures against copying or make all or part of the Service available to the public or use the Service in commercial purpose. Violations of what is mentioned in this provision shall always be regarded as a material breach of contract and entail the right for Equisport to immediately suspend the User from using the Service and for the User who has entered into an Agreement, immediately terminate the Agreement and without refunding the compensation paid. Violation of this provision may also incur liability for the User.
Equisport also reserves the right, in the event of repeated breach of contract, to block a User's IP number and / or credit card from continued use of the Service.

11. Processing of personal data
By registering with the Service, the User provides certain personal information to Equisport.
Equisport will also automatically, when the User uses the Service, directly and indirectly collect other information about the User such as how the User uses the Service. This information will be used together with the personal data provided by the User.
By accepting this Agreement, the User agrees that Equisport stores and
processes the personal information provided by the User (such as e-mail address, telephone number and address) for the following purposes (1) fulfilling Equisport's obligations under this Agreement; (2) adapt the Service to the User's preferences; (3) for statistical and analytical purposes; and (4) marketing, including direct marketing.
The user's consent to the storage and processing of his personal data is valid until then
The user expressly withdraws the consent. Thus, the Consent does not end with the Service
is not used or the User terminates the Agreement. Withdrawal of the consent can be done free of charge at any time by the User contacting Equisport customer service.
The user can, through written request to Equisport, request correction of incorrect information. The user is also entitled to receive information on how one (1) time per calendar year from Equisport after written request
personal data relating to the User is processed, the purpose of the processing, whence it is
data has been retrieved and to which recipients or categories of recipients the information is provided
out. For inquiries and other information about Equisport's processing of personal data, please refer to
Equisport customer service.

12. Modification of General Terms and Conditions
Equisport reserves the right to change this Agreement, the Service or the content of the Service at any time. is
such change is of material importance to the User, Equisport shall inform this by e-mail or
information on Equisport's website equisport.tv. Equisport recommends the User to abide
regularly updated by visiting, equsport.tv. There it is also applicable at all times
Agreement. If change as above is of material importance to the User, the User has the right to cancel his subscription of the changed Service with immediate effect. The User must exercise his right to terminate the Agreement pursuant to this paragraph within 30 days of Equisport announcing the modification of this Agreement, the Service or the content of the Service. If the User fails to terminate the Agreement within this time, the User accepts the change. If the User has a prepaid subscription or subscription with a fixed term and the changes to this Agreement, the Service or the content of the Service constitute a significant disadvantage to the User, the user has the right to, when prepaid subscription, be credited from the changes taking effect, or if the User has a subscription with fixed binding period, terminate the Agreement with immediate effect, ie. before the end of the binding period.

13. Term and termination
If the User has a current subscription with a monthly payment, this Agreement is valid until
The User terminates the Agreement to cease immediate effect.
Termination of this Agreement shall be clear in order to be valid. Termination shall take place via My page in the Service.

Equisport can terminate the Agreement with immediate effect (regardless of whether the User has a fixed
binding time) if Equisport (i) decides to close the Service in whole or in part (ii) decides to substantially
modify the Service (iii) or the User violates this Agreement. Termination of the Agreement by Equisport s
page can be done via e-mail or information at equisport.tv. If Equisport resigns
The agreement under (i) - (ii) of this paragraph shall reimburse Equisport, where applicable, that portion of the User's
Remuneration paid remains of paid subscription period.

14. Transfer
Equisport has the right to transfer its rights and obligations under the Agreement to another. The user has
not the right to transfer its rights and obligations under the Agreement to another.

15. Dispute
Swedish law applies to this Agreement. In the event of a dispute between Equisport and the User, the parties shall primarily try to resolve the dispute by agreement. If the parties cannot agree, the dispute can be settled by the General Complaints Board. However, a party always has the right to bring an action in the general court.